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Menu Surprise of the day (we tell you what it is or we forget to tell you)
starter, main course 
starter, main course and desert

 29.50 €
36,00 €

Free choice menu 46,00 €
Wine menu 70,00 €

Starters - 15€

Green apple,  strawberry, ginger and rhubarb smoothie, sauteed fresh green peas and fenel ice cream  (végétarien) 

Trilogie de foies gras « trois expressions »

Foie gras confit  and french toast with liquorish flavor

Royale de foie gras and sauce Périgueux

Iced foie gras terragon and ciboulette

Lobster tail in a sea snail broth, carots and turneps

Rolled veal with sunflowers seads, satay perfume, sea weed and eggs of salmon

Main course - 23.00€


Yellow cod fish "Lana Style", blackcurrant pepper, mashed potatoe smoked with haddock   

Chick of monkfish safran and garlic...stewed vegetable

Creamy buckwheat risotto, spring vegetable and spinash salade with truffle vinaigrette

Black Angus beef Picanha with tandory spice sliced with a sward in front of you

Farmer lamb filet from Périgord, ras el-hanout spice and oriental semoulina (sup: 3.50e)

Fromage - 9.50€

cheese plate

Goat cheese ice cream and cabécou

as a cheese or as a desert - 13.50€

Walnuts, chestnuts, pear, trappe d'Echourgnac, and speculoos crumble with a glass of cider 

Deserts - 13.50€


Desert for "chocolovers"...!

Caramelised aple layered pastry, salty caramel ice cream, vanilla and geranium sauce

Strawberry and raspberry red wine soup, basil, lemon, green tomatoe ice cream

Kiss & Cry: Bloody orange crème brulée, 3 lemons pie

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